Program Management Contract (2003-Present)
Wet Weather Program

Aerial view of Three Rivers

Client: 3 Rivers Wet Weather (3RWW)
Location: Allegheny County, PA

Since 2003, LSSE has shared equal responsibility with two nationally recognized engineering firms comprising the 3 Rivers Wet Weather Program Management (PM) Team. The 3RWW PM Team role in regional Wet Weather Planning has been to provide guidance and technical support to the 83 municipalities obligated by regulatory Orders to perform detailed assessments of system operation and prepare Feasibility Studies addressing Clean Water Act compliance measures. The 3RWW PM Team has successfully designed and guided implementation of a number of programs that proved essential for municipal compliance with PADEP and Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) regulatory mandates.

A summary of LSSE's involvement in some of the more significant 3RWW PM Team programs includes:

  • Regional Collection System Flow Monitoring Program (RCSFMP)

The PM Team facilitated RCSFMP 6 to 12 months of continuous hydrologic flow data at 392 flow monitor locations within 83 municipal systems. The flow data was the foundation for development of calibrated continuous simulation hydraulic and hydrologic models for over 1.7 million lineal feet of truck sewers. LSSE facilitated development of the RCSFMP through development of flow monitor siting requirements, performance of field flow monitor location site investigations and suitability assessments on over 1,000 sites, and coordination with ALCOSAN and municipal engineers.

PM Team members performed QA/QC on municipal flow data for more than 300 municipal sewage flow monitoring locations. The PM Team utilized LSSE's proprietary Flow Data QA/QC software modules to evaluate and assess 2,804 meter months of continuous flow data. LSSE supervised the Team members that performed the QA/QC analysis and prepared the Final Reports submitted to all stakeholders including regulatory agencies. In addition, LSSE provided lead technical assistance for the review of 4,400 meter months of “prior data”.

  • Municipal Feasibility Study Workgroup (FSWG)

LSSE provided technical advice and assistance in the development of numerous technical papers and tools / analytic procedures that included: Flow Isolation Studies; Separate System Source Flow Reduction Cost Effectiveness analysis tool (CEP); Development of Ownership and Permitting guidance white papers; "Critical Sewer" sub-shed modeling and cost sharing alternatives.

  • Green Infrastructure (GI) assessments

LSSE and the PM Team developed an engineering assessment and planning-level technical cost-effectiveness-based methodology to use in evaluating the feasibility of implementing green infrastructure alternatives to grey alternatives.