Brady's Run Lake, Stream and Dam Area Enhancements
Bradys Run Dam and Stream Project

Brady's Run Lake Stream and Dam Project

Client: Beaver County Commissioners
Location: Beaver County, PA

LSSE provided design engineering services for the Brady's Run lake, stream and dam area enhancements project. Site improvements include modification of the existing sand bar at the west end of the lake, maintenance to the dam structure, improvements to the beach area, dredging of silt and sediment from the lake and from the stream sediment traps located upstream of the lake. Stream bank enhancements along Brady's Run and its tributaries were included in the project in an attempt to reduce accelerated erosion. The total disturbed area for the project was approximately 54 acres. Funding was provided by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

LSSE provided supplemental surveying services, soundings for the entire lake bottom and the impoundment structure, preparation of lake and stream enhancement plans and details, permitting, Erosion and Sedimentation plans and reports, and an operation and maintenance agreement for three sediment traps located within the South Branch of Brady's Run. LSSE also prepared Stormwater and Post-Construction Stormwater Management reports and provided bid, construction and general project services during the construction of this project.

Construction Value: $2.56 million