Bridgewater Trail North
Client: Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development (BCCED)
Location: Bridgewater, Beaver County, PA

LSSE is providing engineering and surveying services for the trail and streetscape park along Riverside Drive and the Beaver River in the Borough of Bridgewater. The streetscape improvement plan consists of installation of concrete sidewalks, ADA accessible ramps, pedestrian railings, crosswalks and street lighting along 3,600 LF of Riverside Drive.

The project includes construction of two overlooks with benches and other pedestrian amenities to provide views of the Beaver River, as well as slope stabilization along the riverbank and landscaping.
LSSE is providing surveying, PADEP, PennDOT and USACE permitting and design phase services to BCCED for this project.

Construction Value: $758,000 (est.)

Trail Plan

Trail North Conceptual Construction Plan