Findlay Industrial Park Site Design
Imperial Park

833-acre former surface mine property

Client: Imperial Land Corporation
Location: Findlay Township, Allegheny County, PA

Since 2005, LSSE has provided civil-site engineering and surveying services to Imperial Land Corporation for the 833-acre former surface mine property known as Findlay Industrial Park for the purpose of subdividing the site in preparation for future development.

For Phase 1, completed in 2009, LSSE provided roadway design services, property and subdivision plans for the 50-acre tract and site design services for Lot 1 (Al Neyer, LLC's ADC Building), Lot 2 (Tricor's Okonite Building) and Lot 3 (O'Harrow Construction's 92,000 SF building and the future expansion of an additional 88,000 SF tract on a 15-acre parcel). For Phase 2, completed in Fall 2012, LSSE prepared property and subdivision plans and provided site design services for a 373-acre tract for the purpose of constructing a 2,929 LF extension of Solar Drive.

LSSE provided the following services for both phases: preparation of site development plans and design for grading, drainage and utilities; street lighting; sanitary sewers and waterlines; erosion and sedimentation control and roadways. LSSE prepared the stormwater management report and post construction stormwater management report. The construction value for this project was $6 million for Phase 1 and $2.3 million for Phase 2.

Construction Value: $8.3 million