Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES), Regional Sewage Facilities Act 537 Plan and
Design of Collection Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plant Conveyance and Pumping
Sewer System Design

Linesville SBR - One Basin

Client: Linesville Pine Joint Municipal Authority
Location: Pine Township and Linesville Borough,
Crawford County, PA

LSSE provided engineering planning, design and grant administration services for the regional sewage facilities Act 537 Plan, and subsequent design, bidding and construction phase services for sewage collection systems and WWTP for the Linesville Pine Joint Municipal Authority (which was formed by Pine Township and Linesville Borough, Crawford County, PA). LSSE was hired by the new Authority after having worked independently for both communities. Formation of the authority was the culmination of a challenging 8 year planning process which navigated a slalom course of regulatory, institutional, financial and inter-governmental issues.

The SSES scope of services included a sanitary sewer evaluation survey, physical inspection / sewer base mapping update, flow-monitoring fieldwork, flow data QA/QC analysis, flow database preparation (metered hydrograph deconstruction), rainfall simulation testing (smoke and dye testing), nighttime flow isolation measurements and alternative cost-effectiveness analysis and report preparation. The Regional Act 537 Plan was developed on the basis that each municipality could select individual plans or work together in a collaborative effort to address sewage facility issues on the north shore of the Pymatuning Reservoir. The Regional Act 537 Plan update, prepared by LSSE in accordance with inter-municipal cooperative agreements and DEP guidelines, was subsequently adopted by the communities and approved by PADEP in December 2005.

The Plan provided for rehabilitation of a portion of the existing Linesville Borough sewer system, installation of new sewers in Pine Township and previously unsewered areas of Linesville Borough, construction of a new regional wastewater treatment facility on DCNR property and the abandonment of an existing DCNR sewage collection and treatment system.

Construction Value: $14.7 million