Nitrate Removal Water Treatment System
Nitrate Removal

Nitrate Removal at new facility

Client: Martinsburg Municipal Authority
Location: Martinsburg, Blair County, PA

This project included planning, design, permitting, and construction phase services for construction of a 1.08 mgd innovative, potable water treatment system to remove nitrate from a drinking water supply for a central Pennsylvania community. The constructed treatment facility has a very small carbon footprint consuming substantially less energy and natural resources than typical conventional treatment alternatives. Cost savings includes: 15% reduction in building costs associated with the smaller footprint and height, 50% reduction in annual treatment process chemical costs, and 90% reduction in wastewater treatment disposal cost.

Engineering planning phase included feasibility analysis of alternate technologies that evaluated process chemistry, pre-treatment requirements, unit sizing, construction costs, waste disposal, energy consumption, media replacement, long-term operation and maintenance costs, and waste handling. In addition to providing potable water, a key consideration was minimizing the impact of the water treatment process waste stream on the community's biologic wastewater treatment plant.

A sole source vendor issue was addressed by a sequential vendor / bidder guaranteed-pricing, present-worth based equipment procurement open bid. This required treatment process pilot testing and verification of process guarantee parameters as a condition of award.

Construction Value: $2.7 million