North Fayette Township Community Center
North Fayette Community Center

North Fayette Township Community Center

Client: North Fayette Township
Location: North Fayette Township, Allegheny County, PA

LSSE provided site engineering services for construction of a new Community Center building at North Fayette’s Donaldson Park.

The project included clearing, grubbing and grading of the 11.7-acre site. Grading and earthwork operations included preparation of parking lot subgrade, construction of two stormwater detention basins and a 4’ depth undercut and backfill to prepare the subgrade for the 26,000 SF Community Center building.

The project included construction of:

  • A storm sewer collection and conveyance system;
  • Potable water, gas, electric and sanitary sewer connections to service the new building;
  • 9,000 SY bituminous parking lot;
  • 7,500 SF of concrete sidewalk (with 3 ADA accessible curb cut ramps, both concrete and bituminous wedge curb, and thermoplastic linestriping); and
  • A bituminous acrylic color-coated basketball court and two tennis courts, including 12’ fencing for each.

Additional site amenities included installation of 20 exterior parking lot lights, benches, pedestrian walkways, and basketball and tennis courts.

LSSE prepared plans and specifications for the preparation, lighting, and paving contracts, and for the Township to complete landscaping and other amenities. LSSE also prepared NPDES permits for earth disturbance, prepared subdivision plans, and provided stakeout services during construction.

For additional information on the Community Center, visit North Fayette Township’s website: