Consent Order/NPDES Compliance & Long Term Control Plan (Cleaning/CCTV)
Consent Order NPDES Compliance LTCP

Aerial photo with CSOs identified

Client: West Newton Borough
Location: West Newton, Westmoreland County, PA

LSSE was hired to provide an Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) compliance program that was acceptable to PADEP. LSSE assisted the Borough in negotiating an acceptable Consent Order and reduction in penalties. LSSE then prepared a work plan for CSO Policy / NPDES Compliance including documentation and implementation of the nine minimum controls (NMC), system inventory and characterization (SIC), mapping, system hydraulic characterization (SHC) and development of a LTCP. This plan was accepted by the Borough and approved by DEP without exception. The system under study included an interceptor along the Youghiogheny River with thirteen (13) CSOs, pumping facilities and a WWTP.

LSSE met fast tracked Consent Order and Agreement requirements for cleaning and televising the Borough's interceptor system (a total of 7,500 LF of 12 to 18-inch pipe) and completed the SIC, flow monitoring and SHC tasks. A SWMM model was completed to determine system capacity and overflow characteristics indicating that direct river influence during wet weather significantly affects the operation of the system. LSSE prepared and submitted the LTCP for the Phase I Combined Sewer System (CSS) Improvements and prepared specifications, drawings and bid documents for construction of necessary components.