asset management

With TRAISR, you can track:

  • Facility and utility locations (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Code enforcement
  • Inspections
  • Work orders
  • Maintenance
  • Project/Asset costs and inventory
  • Risk assessment

Municipal Stormwater (MS4) Requirements

  • BMP Inspections
  • Catch Basin Inspection
  • Outfall Reconnaissance Documentation

Administration Assistance

  • Consolidation of information into single location
  • Document management
  • Automatic scheduling/ notification
    of tasks

LSSE GIS Services

  • TRAISR training/continued support through a remote connection or on site as requested
  • Provide guidance on current/future data management workflows and process to maximize cost effectivenes
  • Integration of GIS/CAD into other platforms to create presentation quality exhibits
  • Data migration and transfer

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
for Infrastructure and Asset Management

Implementing a GIS-centric asset management program provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional methods. To better serve our clients, Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering, Inc. (LSSE) has streamlined GIS processes by taking advantage of technology advancements which maximize efficiency and increase productivity. GIS is used to manage capital infrastructure, operations and maintenance, work orders, and various assets. Typical assets include utilities, buildings, roads, bridges, fleet vehicles, equipment, and natural resources.

Advancements in mobile technology have revolutionized methods for collecting, maintaining, analyzing, and displaying information. Data is no longer static on a page, but can be dynamically viewed and shared in various formats that allow technicians and managers flexibility and enhanced control. Reports/forms are converted to digital collectors of data allowing field observations to be automatically linked to a GIS feature or asset. The data is immediately useable and can be queried by the management program.

LSSE and McMahon Associates, Inc. have entered into a business relationship to provide a new approach to asset management utilizing McMahon’s TRAISR™ program. TRAISR is a state-of-the-art asset management and GIS application that is cross-platform compatible. It is web-based so it can be accessed from computers/laptops, tablets, and smart phones. TRAISR allows for different departments to seamlessly work together in real time and use the power of a cloud-based web portal to link comprehensive asset data. Users are granted instant access to GIS data with the ability to search, update, and manage associated documentation and information for those assets.

Assets are viewed in a user-friendly web browser of choice and in a dynamic manner that places the power of GIS in the hands of managers, operations, and maintenance personnel. TRAISR can attach existing or new documentation, permits, plans, work orders, photos (location and detail), or videos (CCTV) to each asset. Office personnel can coordinate from their desk with on-site field personnel using mobile devices to answer questions instantaneously and resolve issues, saving both time and money. A wide range of modules are available including Asset Centrl, Operations Centrl, Work Centrl, Inspection and Permit Centrl, Land Centrl, Fleet Centrl, and Citizen Centrl. These modules may be applied separately or combined to provide a custom solution. The modules may also be integrated with Adobe and Microsoft Outlook to assist with management of operational, maintenance, and scheduling tasks that aid in planning and compliance. TRAISR not only tracks assets, but combines all of the aspects of asset management and planning in one platform allowing for quick reporting, communicating, and forecasting.

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Capture of application

Screen capture of the asset management application