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Shawn Wingrove, E.I.T.
John DePalma (McMahon)
2017-04 MS4, Permitting
Update on Renewal MS4 Permits and Potential Impact to Developers During Construction Shawn Wingrove, E.I.T. 2017-03 MS4, Permitting
NPDES MS4 Permit Construction Site Compliance: Role of the Inspector Kevin Brett, P.E., Shawn Wingrove, E.I.T. 2017-03 MS4, Permitting
Source of Supply and Treatment, Transition from Groundwater to Surface Water Ned Mitrovich, P.E., Lawrence J. Lennon, Jr., P.E. 2016-10 Groundwater, Supply
How to Handle the Flood of Information: What Tools should be in your Toolbox Kevin Brett, P.E., Gwen Zarko, GISP 2016-10 GIS, MS4, Floodplain
Municipal Compliance with MS4 Permit Requirements Kevin Brett, P.E., Shawn Wingrove, E.I.T. 2016-08 MS4, Permitting
MS4 Audits - How Can Your Municipality Prepare? Kevin Brett, P.E. 2016-03 MS4, Audits
MS4 Inspections: Is Your Municipality Ready Kevin Brett, P.E. 2016-02 MS4, Inspections
MS4 Overview to Compliance / Preparing for your Audit Kevin Brett, P.E. 2016-02 MS4, Permitting
Green Infrastructure Opportunities in Gray Wet Weather Plans Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE, Uzair (Sam) Shamsi, Ph. D., Anthony Igwe, P.E., John Schombert, John Maslanik, P.E. 2014-04 Green Infrastructure, 3RWW
Green Infrastructure Opportunities in
Urban Neighborhoods
Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE 2013-11 Green Infrastructure, 3RWW
2013-04 VRS, Surveying
Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE 2013-01 Green Infrastructure
Requirements for Municipal Separate Storm System:
Do you get it?
Matthew T. Carroll, CPESC, Timothy R. McClelland, P.E. 2013-03 MS4
Effective, Sustainable, Long-Term GWI and RDI/I Source Reduction: RTK and Design Storm Analysis of 7 Years of Post-Rehabilitation Monitoring Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE 2011-06 GWI, Inflow, Infiltration
Navigating through the Sewer System Analysis Maze Jason E. Stanton, P.E. and
Ned Mitrovich, P.E.
2011-09 Sewers
Regulatory and Permitting Updates Shawn Wingrove, E.I.T.
David Kovac, E.I.T.
Jason Stanton, P.E.
2017-03 Regulations, MS4, Updates
Inter-Municipal Agreements: Stay with the Basics and It Can Be Done Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE 2011-10 Intermunicipal Agreement
LSSE Annual Permit and Regulatory Update Kevin A. Brett, P.E., Matthew T. Carroll, CPESC 2013-04 MS4