3 Rivers Wet Weather, Inc. (3RWW)-Program Manager Contract

3 Rivers Wet Weather, Inc. (3RWW)-Program Manager Contract

LSSE is one of three lead firms on the 3 Rivers Wet Weather Program Management (PM) Team on this multi-year contract.  Since 2003, LSSE’s involvement in the PM contract has included a diverse range of services including interpretation of municipal obligations under federal, state, and local regulatory orders and preparation of various guidance templates for use by municipal officials and engineers. 

LSSE provided consulting services to the Flow Monitoring Work Group in developing a 500-meter flow monitoring plan.  This Flow Monitoring Plan provided hydraulic data (>2,800-meter months) sufficient for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the entire system and for development of a regional Long-Term Control Plan.  The plan consisted of 524 flow monitor locations for the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania sewersheds tributary to Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN). 


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